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Tokengate - Connecting People and Tokens

Tokengate is a proprietary development of DSENT AG, a subsidiary of inacta AG. It enables investors to safely enter the blockchain world.

As gate to the network economy, the regulatory requirements are checked in a standardized and efficient process and it is ensured that no money is laundered. The platform meets all the requirements of FINMA, banks and financial intermediaries. Clear dashboards allow investors to determine where they want to invest, and banks and financial intermediaries ensure that all evidence is collected to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. The platform seamlessly integrates various market participants, such as KYC providers, financial intermediaries, banks or crypto custodians. Everything that can be automated is also automated.

The tokens are automatically generated and distributed according to investors' investment decisions. Thus, abuse can also be prevented here.

Security concerns are minimized by the choice of leading custodian solutions and state of the art security measures - such as two-factor authentication. Tokengate itself does not accept fiat money or cryptocurrencies.

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Investments can be made with different payment options, including bank payments via IBAN, credit card payments and cryptocurrencies: Ether and Bitcoin. The ability to securitize the token as a security at a bank completes the service. Upon customer request, the processes and third parties can be flexibly adapted and integrated.

The Tokengate team is considered a pioneer and professional contact point thanks to its many years of experience in the blockchain field in the heart of the Crypto Valley in Zug. We will gladly accept your requirements and design the basis for your successful Token Generation Event with you.

Tokengate connecting People and Tokens

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Christian Di Giorgio

Head of DLT Solutions