Process digitization in the accident insurance industry

12. February 2018


If business-relevant e-mails were required for archiving during processing, this meant some considerable manual effort and a series of media gaps, and the document was only available in the archive with at least a whole day’s delay. Among other things, all of this meant that not all mail content that would have been archived was actually archived. Case processing was done in a  hybrid manner: a corresponding core system was available for the case management, the physical dossier was the main point of reference for the associated documents, but documents were also archived electronically. In addition to various other restrictions resulting from this situation, the editing of dossiers or parts of them turned out to be particularly time-consuming: either the corresponding documents had to be photocopied or scanned document by document.

Inacta services:

In a first step, we worked out the requirements for inadox mail, inadox dispatcher and inadox dossier with the departments concerned. Special attention was paid to the various technically motivated archiving scenarios and their support by the solution. After deriving the specifications for configuration and adaptations and the requirements for interfaces to various peripheral systems operated by external service providers, we also configured and extended the two products and integrated them with the systems involved. The timeline from the concept stage to the productive implementation of the e-mail management solution took only three months. The two solutions are operated by the customer and supervised by us. In addition, we assisted the customer in the digitization of his paper mail and the subsequent scanning of his physical dossier.

Benefits for the customer:

With inadox MAIL, the clerk can archive business-relevant e-mail content with just a few mouse clicks and work seamlessly with the result in the core systems. The simple operation considerably reduces the effort for archiving and contributes to ensuring that business-relevant mail content is actually archived in the respective business context. With the introduction of inadox dossier, the customer benefits from all the advantages of electronic dossier management in general: spatial independence, traceability and access control as well as digital processing. The inadox dossier provides the user with a whole range of powerful dossier management functions, including the publication of documents externally - with table of contents, numbering and in electronic form.