SWICA’s digitization project

10. July 2020


The starting point

The handling of e-mails and customer files was one of the areaa on which SWICA’s digitization project focussed.

E-mail contents could only be integrated into SWICA’s processes with considerable difficulty and with no end-to-end system tool to support them.  Amongst other problems, this led to them being handled in different ways.

Customer files were only available in  paper form which created the usual problems: updating them was time consuming, and information was only available if someone had access to the files or had taken copies.  Files also had to be copied in order to send them to third parties.   

SWICA's IT environment was and still is a hybrid system; it allows the  customer to operate various parts of the process whilst the core system and record archive is part of the Centris Swiss Health Platform.


The challenges

SWICA receives e-mails on a wide variety of topics and in different formats.  Customers who have emailed SWICA expect SWICA to answer by email.

All documents on a particular subject needed to be stored in a well-structured filing system with efficient system functions to support customer casework. SWICA also needed a standardised and easy way of forwarding concise content to third parties.

The solution to the above challenges had to be:

  • easy to use
  • capable of supporting different employee functions and levels of authorization
  • able to guarantee an audit trail showing system users; and   
  • capable of seamless integration into the existing IT system.


Inacta’s solutions

In close cooperation with SWICA’s representatives, Inacta adapted its inadox MAIL and inadox DOSSIER products to satisfy SWICA’s complex requirements, to achieve optimum functionality and their seamless integration into their business processes.

Working with SWICA’s IT managers and the respective service providers, these products were integrated into SWICA’s IT systems.  Among other features, this included an end to end solution for case processing and an integrated filing system.  Implementation also focused on operational aspects such as stress testing volumes and how errors were handled.


Benefits for SWICA

Because of the company-wide use of inadox MAIL SWICA’s employees can integrate the content of incoming and outgoing e-mails easily and accurately into their case processes. E-Mails can be included in the work flow with just a few clicks, and if possible, this can be done automatically based on the sender's address, information in the subject heading or content of the email.  The resulting documents can now be archived in a well-structured filing system and can be audited. 

Electronic customer files offer considerable advantages over paper-based records.   A uniform structure allows easy co-working and the sharing of these documents and an array of features allows  working practices that were not possible with paper records. Passing customer files on to third parties is done with just a few clicks: documents intended for onward transmission are formatted according to predefined criteria and are sent electronically. The system user can easily trace exactly what information was provided to which addressee.

 "By using inadox MAIL and inadox DOSSIER, we have been able to significantly improve the flexibility and efficiency of our processes".

Adrian Schwerzmann, Head of Performance Management Corporate Business, SWICA 




With around 1.5 million insured persons and 27,000 corporate clients, SWICA is one of the leading health and accident insurance companies in Switzerland, with a premium volume of CHF 4.9 billion per year.  Its products are  aimed at private clients and companies and it provides comprehensive insurance cover for medical costs and loss of earnings in the event of illness and accident. SWICA is a healthcare partner which focuses on  high-quality products and above-average service quality.  SWICA’s headquarters are in Winterthur and it operates throughout Switzerland.

"With its experience and goal orientated approach, Inacta made an important contribution to the success of our digitization project"

Markus Suter, Project Manager, SWICA