Bitcoin Zug: Wineshop

1. July 2017

After the city of Zug accepted Bitcoin as a payment method for fees last year, the wine merchant House of Wines has followed suite. From now on you can buy all products of this specialty store in Zug with Bitcoin. Thus, the cryptocurrency also reaches the Swiss retail trade - not accidentally in the Crypto Valley, which in the region of Zug hosts a world-leading ecosystem of crypto and blockchain companies.

What moved Albert Osmani, owner of the House of Wines, to take this step?

"As a well-established specialist shop in Zug, I have a lot of international customers and also many people from the startup scene around the Crypto Valley. That's why I decided to set up a Bitcoin point of payment with the two specialists Bitcoin Suisse AG (as provider) and inacta AG (as initiator and implementation partner). Osmani, which is regarded as being quite innovative in the wine business, has been fascinating the world of delicacies for a long time.

Ralf Glabischnig, Managing Partner of inacta AG, adds:

Expanding one's own horizons is one of Albert Osmani's most important success factors. This is also in line with our corporate philosophy and as a Zug IT consulting firm and experts in blockchain technology, it was therefore a special pleasure to initiate this project at the House of Wines and thus anchor the Bitcoin crypto currency a little more in everyday life.”

Bitcoin for image reasons

"After the city of Zug accepts Bitcoin as the first public institution and uses our payment services for this purpose, we are pleased that the House of Wines is also following this trend," says Johannes Schweifer, Partner at Bitcoin Suisse AG. He hopes that other companies will follow the example of the innovative Zuger wine business. "The pure turnover with Bitcoin is not so much in the foreground - rather the fact that a company with a small effort leaves a very modern impression."

The Crypto Valley lives up to its name and it seems that the digital currencies are now definitely in the daily lives of consumers.