Development of an information management platform as part of a Syrius implementation project


Our customer, a health, personal accident and property insurance company, was about to completely renew the IT infrastructure. In addition to the introduction of Syrius as a new core application, various peripheral systems were to be rebuilt and integrated into the new IT landscape via a service-oriented architecture.

In the area of ​​Enterprise Information Management, completely new solutions for input / output management and archiving were to be developed and integrated into the core processes.

With the project, the customer pursued the goal of building up a new powerful and future-oriented platform for processing the core business.

Inacta services

Inacta supported the customer at all stages of the project and was responsible for project management for the Enterprise Information Management area throughout the project. Inacta was instrumental in building the ECM platform based on IBM FileNet, as well as developing and integrating ECM services and interfaces.

For process support, Syrius' workflow system has been fully integrated into the ECM platform so that incoming documents can be automatically assigned to the corresponding business process after scanning.

Benefits for the customer

With the new enterprise information management systems, customers can efficiently process their business processes using workflows - many processes even fully automatically. The documents, which are sent in and out in the double-digit millions, are available electronically in the dossier at any time for inquiries from customers or for clarifications. This leads to a comprehensive and efficient customer service..