ProofX Luxury & Fashion

29. September 2020


BrandofMind and ProofX announce their partnership for the "verification and circularity" solution dedicated to the luxury and fashion industry.

BrandofMind enters into a partnership with ProofX for the launch of ProofX Luxury & Fashion – the verification solution that enables product circularity and increases consumer confidence in the brand.

Designed and developed since 2018, the ProofX platform and ecosystem were officially presented in Davos during the World Economic Forum 2020, where the future agenda for product verifiability was defined.

The ProofX platform is designed to ensure product traceability throughout the product lifecycle. It enables owners to view a proof of origin and a permanent and immutable record of all events related to a product using blockchain technology; it offers a fast and efficient way to connect stakeholders such as manufacturers, retailers, and customers throughout the product lifecycle.

As customers become more knowledgeable, the need to transparently communicate brand values and proof of product authenticity is growing exponentially. ProofX Luxury & Fashion makes the entire process simple, accessible, and profitable:


“Start with the brand's assets, build on them to achieve immediate benefits and improve processes according to the brand's needs.“


ProofX Luxury & Fashion provides a unique digital ID that is physically embedded in each product. This allows brands to make the origin of a product and the ethical values associated with certified manufacturing processes transparent to the consumer. By ensuring the authenticity of their iconic products, the manufacturers enhance the "resale" market and thus enable a circular economy.

This product validation system is the ultimate tool for customer engagement. It enables brands to connect with users, allows them to verify the brand’s product authenticity and protects them from counterfeits.

ProofX is a joint venture of Inacta and Modum. Inacta is a leading consulting and product development company based in Zug at the heart of the "Crypto Valley". Modum is a provider of innovative blockchain-based tracking solutions for the supply chain.

BrandofMind is an international company based in Zurich and also operating in Milano, with highly qualified professional experiences and a broad knowledge of international markets. It is a dynamic consulting firm in the fashion and luxury industry that aims to contribute to the industry-transformation with innovative solutions and agile approaches.