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Crypto Oasis Ventures

Crypto Oasis Ventures, Sentio and Metaverse Collection operate in the Middle Eastern blockchain ecosystem, the Crypto Oasis, and are accelerating its
growth by providing and combining capital, talent and infrastructure.

Crypto Oasis Ventures ›

Crypto Oasis Ventures is a Dubai-based venture building company, aiming to foster the ecosystem and accelerate Blockchain-related organizations in the Middle East and beyond.


Crypto Oasis Sentio ›

Crypto Oasis Sentio is the investment arm for the UAE to strengthen the Ecosystem, investing in early stage Blockchain Startups with global potential. It's mission is to support the best talent with smart capital and optimized infrastructure.

Crypto Oasis Metaverse Collection ›

Crypto Oasis Metaverse invests in early-stage metaverse and Web3 objects. Investments are made in Blockchain Based Art; – Property, – Collectibles, – Fashion, and Gaming with strong growth potential.