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Software Development


It is crucial to select the most suitable technolody for the business strategy. Research and evaluation of all alternatives, based on defined citeria, are essential. 


  • Once business requirements have been identified how should they be implemented?
  • We select the technology that will meet requirements on an on-going basis.
  • We access a large network of innovative solution providers and specialists thanks to our start-up competitions and investments.


Rapid Prototyping

Prototypes are a very useful way for quickly testing innovative ideas on the market or selling them within your own company as well as to other market participants. Such technical experiments, also called run-throughs, are convincing feasibility studies.

  • Sponsors and partners must be convinced of the innovative idea.
  • Rapid implementation of the idea to test feasibility and acceptance is needed.
  • Our Design Thinking and User Experience experts will define the right approach with you.


It is difficult to think outside the box in familiar surroundings - but it’s essential for long-term success. We offer your teams so-called “excubation” - temporary, project-oriented jobs in an innovative environment and networking with tech startups to develop new ideas and implement them.

  • Need for professionally supported innovation activities
  • Away from the everyday business environment, "out of the box" thinking is easier and new ideas can be developed.
  • The labaratory style atmosphere and the ability to network with start-ups can create potential for novel solutions.

Contact Person


Karl Rekeczki

Head Software Innovation Center