Information Management Services

Information Management Services

Records Management

Efficient processes require the rapid discovery of business-relevant information. We analyze and optimize your information flow across all business processes including archiving and destruction.

Transparency and traceability

Are you unsure of which business case a form belongs to? Can you no longer find an important document? With technical applications - including Blockchain - we enable you to correctly store and quickly find business-relevant information - with transparency and traceability.



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Jürg Porro

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Compliance - more important than ever

Records management involves much more than tagging digital files or indexing scanned documents. Regulatory requirements require a traceable flow of information. With our expertise and our solutions, you can provide secure information about business-critical documents and information at any time.

BYOD and social media

No company can afford data leakage or information loss. The possibilities of the digital business world with mobile workstations or communication via social media and messenger increase the requirements for data security and information management in general. We will show you how to keep the technical and organizational data security under control.