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Information Management Services

Input Management

Would you like to digitise your organisation's inbox and start using an interactive communication platform? Or even outsource the entire process? The experienced inacta team of experts can support you from the conception phase to the selection of suitable technologies to the implementation phase of your input management project.

Input Management

In many companies, daily incoming mail is still processed with costly, error-prone manual work. Interactive communication platforms such as social media, call centers or chats for interactions with customers and partners are becoming increasingly important. Our team of experts will open the door of digital transformation leading to a paperless office. Today, the digital capture of business-relevant data forms the basis for efficient, self-learning and largely automated document and data management. At the same time, you ensure archiving in compliance with the law. State-of-the-art technologies enable your company to classify structured and unstructured information based on content and to make all essential data accessible and usable.


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Fabian Seimer

Managing Consultant

State-of-the-art Technology

Basistechnologien wie optische Volltexterkennung (OCR), optische Formularerkennung (OMR) oder Barcodeerkennung reichen heute nicht mehr aus, um die enormen Mengen an heterogener Daten und Informationen zu verarbeiten. inacta setzt auf Spitzentechnologien angepasst für spezifische Kundenanforderungen wie z.B. Machine Learning. Hierbei handelt es sich um mit künstlicher Intelligenz (KI) ausgestatteter, selbstlernender Software, welche Muster in diesen Datenmengen erkennt, extrahiert und an BPM-, ERP oder ECM-Lösungen zur automatischen Weiterverarbeitung übergibt. Diese intelligente Klassifikation und Integration in Ihre Systemumgebung ermöglicht ein bedarfsgerechtes Routing sowie ein umfassendes, aussagekräftiges Reporting – und nicht zuletzt spürbare Effizienzsteigerungen und Prozessoptimierungen.

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Experienced Project Team

Input management projects are not limited to technical implementation, but require concepts derived from the IT strategy and professional change management. Cost savings and increased productivity can only be achieved through successful project management. This in turn results in higher customer satisfaction thanks to optimized processes. An objective and independent partner is therefore one of the major success factors. The inacta project team is familiar with the latest technologies, is on the cutting edge and supports you as a customer on site. We know these challenges of digital transformation and the appropriate IT solutions very well and will be happy to show you how we can harmonize your processes and technologies.