Information Management Services

Information Management Services

Business Model Development

Together with you we develop exciting business use cases and new business models. In doing so, we bring both our years of experience and our international network to bear as we develop solutions together..


Depending on your strategy, we can also network you with suitable startups if required - for example as a partner in CV Competition.

Technologies for you

You know your business and the current potential for improvement. We know our way around innovative technology.


Together, we evaluate the potential and focus on increasing profits and new sources of revenue.

Contact Person:


Jürg Porro

Associate Partner

Most complex analyzes

Technology potential, industry expertise, innovative business models, optimized business processes - we bring everything under one roof and develop promising scenarios for your success. This is how you can find the optimal path to mastering transformation safety and assurance.

Experiments? Implement!

Ideas are nice. Practically implementable ideas are better. But what really counts are ideas put into practice. We offer you more than innovative business case concepts - we turn them into reality.