Next generation information management - suited just for you

More than consulting

Our services go further than ordinary IT consulting. Because efficient and effective information management is not just an obligation, but the foundation of your success.

We serve as your experts in the rapidly advancing digital transformation towards the "Predictive Enterprise”

  • With enthusiasm, reliability, discretion, initiative that anticipate the future
  • With knowledge of current and upcoming technologies (including blockchain and artificial intelligence)
  • With contacts to tech startups from our ecosystem
  • Well-known customers from the insurance, banking, health and real estate industries rely on our expertise.
Solutions Analysis
  • Starting point: Your customer needs, technical and procedural possibilities and your strategic goals
  • Goal: A sound, detailed analysis
  • Added valuet: Secure basis for investment decision
Information Management
  • Starting point: Our extensive expertise in dealing with document-centered processes
  • Goal: to make your important processes more efficient
  • Added value: Archiving business-relevant information in a targeted and legally-compliant manner
Output Management
  • Startpunkt: Umfangreiche Expertise aus erfolgreichen Output-Projekten
  • Ziel: Ihr Business durch leistungsfähige Omnichannel-Kommunikation unterstützen
  • Zusätzlicher Nutzen: Zielgenaue Kundenkommunikation effizient über jeden Kommunkationskanal
Records Management
  • Starting point: Supporting the flow of information across business processes
  • Goal: Logging and controlling activities from generation to destruction
  • Added value: Fulfillment of regulatory and internal instructions
Business Model Development
  • Starting point: The potential of new technologies
  • Goal: Visibly increase your business success through innovations, exciting business use cases and new business models
  • Added value: If necessary, we can also connect you with suitable startups to fit your strategy - for example, as a partner in the CV Competition


  • Starting point: Your normal setup
  • Goal: Develop new ideas / establish "out of the box" thinking -- indispensable for long-term success
  • Added value: Temporary jobs tailored to the project duration in an innovative environment with networking with tech startups included


  • Starting point: Knowledge is an important basis - for this reason, we continuously analyze promising technologies such as Blockchain (see also Blockchain Academy), Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning.
  • Objective: In training sessions, we share our wealth of experience with you
  • Added value: You discover the potential innovation advantage for your organization
Cloud Services
  •  Starting point: Questions or concerns - including compliance - about your data management
  • Goal: Focus on your core business with the certainty that your data is protected
  • Added value: Cloud services with comfort, security and Swissness
Input Management
  • Startpunkt: Analyse Ihrer Ausgangslage und die strategischen Projektziele
  • Ziel: Digitalisierung der Informationseingangs-Kanäle
  • Zusätzlicher Nutzen: Mehrwerte dank intelligente Nutzung der Daten