inadox SUITE - Building blocks for digitisation

inadox DOSSIER - Electronic Dossier

Key facts at a glance

  • Consolidate documents from one or more archive systems into virtual dossiers
  • User-friendly search and filtering
  • Clear document management through integrated display, annotation, marking and grouping for example with a Blockchain
  • Traceable life-cycle of documents with complete activity log
  • Configurable export of dossiers and their metadata

Overview of business transactions

Transparent, safe and legally compliant


  • Structured presentation of dossiers on business transactions
  • User-friendly and customizable search options
  • Presentation of supplementary dossier information from specialised systems
  • Integrated viewer for document display


Compliance with legal requirements


  • Traceability of dossier management by logging all access and changes
  • Systematic structuring of documents and information in the business context
  • Ensures easy availability of important information
  • Access control through integrated user-role concept

Flexible architecture

Handling inquiries professionally means satisfied customers


  • Use existing interfaces to access documents and metadata
  • Request additional information on business cases (master data) via web services in core systems
  • Flexible configuration of dossier structures
  • Use of existing authorization infrastructure


Contact Person:


Fabian Seimer

Head Information Management