inadox SUITE - Building blocks for digitisation

inadox DISPATCHER - Digital Mailbox

Key facts at a glance

  • Intuitive interface
  • Efficient completion of document properties (indexing)
  • Easy attachment of notes and markers (annotations)
  • Flexible document formation (separating, organizing, merging)
  • Easy transfer to business processes
  • Automated processing (dark processing)
  • Traceable transfer to archive and specialised systems
  • Seamless integration into existing system environment

Document hub

Compliance with legal requirements


  • Receipt and processing of business communication
  • Rule-based/manual designation of recipients
  • Automatic validation of manually-acquired document properties
  • Separate, organize and merge documents

Transparency & traceability

Fully and legally compliant


  • Complete consistency over all input channels
  • Systematic logging of processing steps
  • Traceable transfer of documents to specialised and archive systems
  • Flexible and comprehensive reporting

Flexible architecture

Handling inquiries professionally means satisfied customers


  • Synchronous and asynchronous processing of input channels
  • Web service and file interfaces for import and export
  • Modern Responsive Design (Multi-Device Support)
  • Platform-independent JEE architecture


Contact Person:


Fabian Seimer

Head Information Management