Digitization-Blocks – for Information Management and more.

inadox – Product Suite


The inadox Blockchain-ready Products Suite supports you by providing customizable digital modules that integrate seamlessly with your business applications. With add-ons to Microsoft Outlook® and standard interfaces for your ERP, CRM and archive systems, you can automate the flow of information and encourage the exchange of information among your employees.

inadox MAIL - Email Management
  • Meets all the requirements of flexible e-mail management, thanks to its comprehensive functionality
  • Enables easy processing and archiving of business-relevant e-mails and their attachments
  • Forms a robust interface between Microsoft Outlook® and other business processes
inadox DISPATCHER - Digital Mailbox
  • Links the digital inbox with existing systems
  • Assigns documents to process-leading systems, in a timely and location-independent manner
  • Allows for traceability in the document flow from receipt to filin
inadox DOSSIER - Electronic Dossier
  • Structures documents and business cases into virtual dossiers
  • Consolidates information from different specialised and archive systems
  • Supplements existing specialised systems with functions for document and dossier processing

Blockchain Products

inapay - Crypto Payments
  • Instant conversion to Swiss Franc or Euro
  • Regular business hours or 24/7 phone support
  • Integration in cashier software
tokengate - Token Economies
  • Integrierte Lösung, die Tokens mit Leuten zusammenbringt durch sichere Qualifikation von Auflagen von Behörden, Banken, Revision und Börsen. Geldwäschereikonform ‘Onboarden’ für private, wie öffentlicher Verkauf
  • Generierung und Verteilung der Token (TGE) für ICOs, sowie kontinuierliche Emission von Token für neue Geschäftsmodelle
  • Nahtlose Kotierung des Tokens auf Börsen und Onboarding der Investoren. Voll bankfähig durch wertpapiermässiger Verbriefung