Centralized electronic inbox


Our customer, a large accident insurance company, processed more than 3 million incoming mail items at almost twenty locations in a paper-based process.

This procedure meant a high level of logistical effort and, at the same time, little traceability. It also made it more difficult to flexibly relocate tasks across various sites.

With this project, the customer pursued the goal of completely digitizing incoming mail and handling all subsequent processing steps electronically.

inacta's services

Inacta was in charge of the preparation of the business case and the preliminary study. Subsequently, we supported our client in setting up the project and planning the project phases, including the pilot phase. This also included the calculation of sourcing scenarios up to the selection of a suitable partner for logistics and scanning.

As part of the implementation, the paper mail was redirected directly to the scan service provider. After digitization, the heterogeneous document sets were recognized and automatically assigned to the correct process or recipient. All subsequent processing steps were also carried out electronically.

For this purpose, Inacta designed, evaluated and implemented a mailbox application that met all functional requirements. The application also interfaces with all of the customer's core systems that are relevant in this context.

Inacta also supported the customer during the pilot phase, including its systematic evaluation and subsequent rollout. This also included an essential role in the context of on-site support, employee training and change management.

Inacta took over the overall co-project management, technical project management and various sub-project management for the customer.

Benefits for the customer

The project allowed the customer to reduce its cost base at multiple points, mainly in the area of logistics, but also by eliminating various manual activities and work steps on the part of the office staff. The savings calculated in the business case were fully achieved. With the switch to the new process, incoming mail was digitized early and consistently. This represented a significant contribution to the uniform, electronic processing of incoming information via all incoming channels.

Shorter processing times and continuous monitoring of the entire incoming mail process also contribute to the overall success of the project.