We accept Bitcoin - do you?

25. January 2021

Author: Basil Böhni, Senior Consultant


Time to reconsider. Cryptocurrencies in general, and Bitcoin in particular, are no longer limited to a few people who are in the know – they are no longer exclusive investment vehicles for a few super-rich risk-takers. Now anyone can download a wallet from an app store, install it on their mobile phone and load crypto money onto it within minutes. This is being done more often as distrust of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies lessens. This applies to your customers too. Using inapay, you can quickly accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency payments in your shop.


“With inapay, it was really a one-stop solution:
it was easy to implement and introduce into our workflows.
Being a first-mover or early adopter, you want to have the feeling
that you're in safe hands, a feeling we've had with Inacta.”

Mark Jacob, Managing Director, Dolder Hotel AG


Dental surgeries, hotels, restaurants, government offices, bars, wine merchants and even print magazines already accept Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies in payment. This means that anything from an espresso to dental treatment can be paid for using a cryptocurrency. All that is needed is for the buyer to have a wallet loaded with crypto money and for the seller to have the inapay app. The seller does not need crypto money and therefore does not need a wallet.

This may still seem alien, but there is a clear trend: Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are more than just an investment. They are also a means of payment suitable for everyday use – thanks to inapay. 


“Competing in sports is fun and enjoyable
but offering the best possible customer service,
with inapay for instance, is a matter of pride.”

Ronnie Kessel, CEO Racing Car SA, Lugano


The inapay point of sale app – a few clicks and its ready

The app is ready to use after just a few clicks. If you need to pay in Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency, start the app, and you will be prompted to enter the amount the customer needs to pay (Current currencies are CHF or EUR; other fiat currencies will follow). The amount is immediately credited to your pre-specified business account in CHF or EUR, as part of the transaction.


Payment procedure

Once you have entered the payment amount into the inapay app it generates a QR code. The customer scans the QR code using their wallet, which initiates the Bitcoin transaction. The current exchange rate is always used.

As soon as the customer has paid using his wallet, inapay reports this and the transaction is complete. If required, the transaction can also be seen on Blockchain.

Although the full payment amount is included in the QR code, a customer can usually change the amount they want to pay using their wallet. For example: You ask for CHF5 for a coffee, but the customer only pays CHF1 using their wallet. The inapay app recognises the difference of CHF 4 and generates a red warning message to report that the full amount has not been paid. The missing amount can either be entered as a new transaction in inapay, or be paid using another method – cash, credit card or voucher.

If a valid email address was registered when the app was set up, a confirmation email will be sent with details of the transaction.


“Our clients demand the latest technologies for both,
their dental needs and payment options.
I’m thrilled to provide both of that.”

Dr.med. Dr.med.dent. Rosanna Himmelfarb, CEO & Founder of Zahnklinik Luzern


No exchange rate risk

Although you can make crypto payments, you do not actually hold cryptocurrency at any point. As soon as payment is made, the broker simultaneously converts the cryptocurrency into CHF or EUR (or another pre-set cryptocurrency) using the current exchange rate and sends the relevant amount to your pre-specified bank account. You therefore neither gain nor lose in the event of exchange rate fluctuations. No surcharge or commission is charged when converting from fiat to cryptocurrencies.

Within a few years, cryptocurrencies have gone from being a minor news story to a major one. Their volatility is still high, but this does not affect the payment process described, as the user does not actually hold the cryptocurrency. The number of crypto users is continuing to grow and hopefully, the possibilities to use Bitcoin and Co for everyday payments – at the hairdresser, in the village shop, online – will grow with them.

We will be happy to advise you.  

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