Complete and accessible personnel dossiers


Our client, a large insurance company, managed thousands of personnel files in a decentralized, paper-based setup at a large number of different locations.

The administrative work involved was very high due to manual tasks such as collecting, sorting, stapling, filing and searching. This made efficient personnel management more difficult.

With the project, the customer pursued the goal of designing and introducing a uniform and complete personnel dossier for all involved positions.

Inacta services

Inacta supported the customer in the systematic determination and consolidation of the technical requirements and the development of the solution architecture. For the requirements analysis, Inacta used proven procedures to conduct the workshops with the specialist departments. The results of the requirements analysis led to a detailed concept, which Inacta created for the customer and which formed the basis for the realization and introduction of the solution. To ensure that the personnel dossiers could be fully displayed electronically, the requirements for digitizing the paper dossiers were also specified in cooperation with the customer and implemented with an external service provider.

Inacta took the lead in the development of the detail and solution concept for the customer.

Benefits for the customer

The benefit of the project for the client was a reduction in administrative expenses in terms of time and costs for dossier storage and management. The cooperation between HR departments and the line organization was improved and accelerated.

Thanks to Inacta's support, the technical requirements were fully taken into account and the subsequent implementation could be approached in a targeted and streamlined manner.