Meeting dossier, meeting admin and application workflow for the management of a large insurance company


Our client, a large insurance company, had completed a comprehensive project in the area of "electronic inbox and mailbox. The challenge, however, was to convert other processes to electronic dossier management in addition to incoming mail. To achieve this, the sider "Electronic Business Administration" project was launched. The management meeting dossier was selected as one of the pilot projects.

In addition to providing an electronic dossier, the aim of this project was also to implement electronic business administration.

inacta's services

Inacta supported the customer in the structuring and planning of the overall project as well as the overall management and control. For the pilot project "Management Meeting Dossier" Inacta took over the operative project management.

In the concept phase, Inacta was responsible for requirements management and created the technical concept as the basis for the specification of the external supplier. The following concepts were also created by Inacta:


  • the migration concept (replacement of the previous pending administration solution)
  • the test concept for the new overall solution
  • implementation and training concept.


In addition to these content-related results, Inacta was also responsible for test management and test execution and supported and supervised the key users during implementation on the basis of the training documents and manuals created by Inacta.