A life insurance company uses the cloud-based Inadox Dispatch and Inadox Dossier


Our customer had a heterogeneous application landscape with various document archives and very different functioning mailbox solutions, which were coming to the end of their life cycle and needed to be replaced. A new solution was required  that covered the requirements of the standard product and that did not require specific further development. The customer’s goal was also to use a uniform solution to efficiently deliver all relevant e-mails and other information from different input and output channels such as Sedex and Output Management into the right dossier. In order for the customer to be able to focus on the operation and further development of the core systems,  had the requirement to obtain the inadox MAIL, inadox DISPATCHER and inadox DOSSIER components required for the new input management and dossier solution as well as the PLC archive as a service from the Post-Cloud system.

inacta's services

As the customer already had an electronic mailbox and dossier solution in use, the first step was to check the functional properties and compare them with Inacta's product standard. In addition, a detailed technical analysis of the document archives to be replaced was carried out and the migration was prepared. After a pilot phase, in which the outsourcing of the scanning services was also verified by SPS, the archives were migrated to the SPS archive in the Post Cloud system and the inadox Dispatcher and inadox Dossier services were introduced at the customer's site. In addition to connecting the scanning input channel, inadox MAIL was introduced to assign e-mails directly from Outlook to the correct dossier. Output management was also integrated with the solution so that outgoing documents could also be assigned to the correct dossier. Finally, the integration was implemented using inadox Dossier in order to make documents available in the core systems directly in the context of processing.

Benefits for the customer

The customer achieved its objective of implementing a solution based on industry standards without relying on in-house development. With their flexible configuration options, the inadox Dispatcher and inadox Dossier products covered the comprehensive customer needs in the core business as well as in other areas of the customer’s business such as legal and HR. In various places, efforts could be reduced, mainly in the area of logistics, but also by eliminating manual activities on the part of the office staff. With the switch to the new process, incoming mail was digitized early and consistently. This allowed the service quality to be improved in a targeted manner and the 360° view of customers and business transactions to be improved. By replacing the old archives with a modern archive solution "as-a-service" in the Post Cloud system, the existing risks regarding loss of know-how and operational support could also be mitigated and the long-term availability of documents ensured.