Input Management «à la Inacta»: Pax relies on inadox Suite

26. April 2019

Pax, a Swiss life insurance company uses the complete inadox Suite. Its implementation was carried out in several stages. In the first implementation phase, the existing mailbox and archive solution as well as the business transaction management in the occupational pension plan were replaced. The new solution complies with customer requirements and the product standard with the desired configurations. With the introduction of the inadox suite in combination with an IBM FileNet document archive, Pax opted for a modern solution which is operated "as a service" by Inacta. The scanning services were outsourced to an external service provider and the outgoing documents were provided with additional information, which increases the efficiency of return processing. Through the partnership with Inacta and the service provider and the associated outsourcing of support processes, Pax can concentrate on digitization projects with high added value and external impact.


The Pax Lebensversicherungs-Gesellschaft, a pension insurance company for private and occupational pension provision, had a heterogeneous application landscape with several document archives and functionally very different mailbox solutions which were approaching the end of their life cycle. The different sectors are replaced sequentially, first by professional and then by private pension provision.

"The introduction of the inadox Suite marks the beginning of a long-term collaboration.”

Roland Ingold, Head of IT Operations at Pax


Pax wanted to find a solution that would comply with its product standards and efficiently archive all relevant information from different input and output channels, such as e-mail and output documents, and merge them via dossier views, using a uniform solution. In addition to document management, the management of business transactions had to be an integrated part of the overall solution. The operation of the applications, the document archive and the scanning services had to be outsourced.

Inacta services

As Pax already had an electronic mailbox and archive solution in use, Inacta first checked the functional properties to be replaced and compared them with the product standard. In addition, a detailed technical analysis of the document archives to be replaced was carried out and the migration was prepared. After a successful proof of concept in a pilot phase, during which the outsourcing of the scanning services to an external service provider was also verified, the two old archives were migrated to the new target archive. At the same time the inadox applications DISPATCHER, MAIL and DOSSIER were introduced.

Output management was integrated with the new solution so that outgoing documents are fed into the correct dossier. The administration of business transactions has also been modernized on the Pax side and integrated with the inadox suite.

"With inadox MAIL we can archive e-mails efficiently in the customer dossier, which greatly supports our daily work.”

Daniel Maillard, Head of Occupational Pension Plans at Pax

Benefits for Pax

The inadox applications cover the comprehensive customer needs in the core business area with their flexible configuration options. With the switch to the new process, incoming mail is digitized early and consistently. This will improve service quality in a targeted manner and ensure a 360° view of customer and business transactions. By replacing the old archives with a modern archive solution "as a service,” the existing risks regarding loss of know-how and operational support can be minimized and the long-term availability of the documents ensured. Through the partnership with Inacta, Pax benefits from its many years of experience in information management and can concentrate on digitization projects with high added value and external impact.



About Pax

The Pax Group includes Pax Holding (cooperative), Pax, Schweizerische Lebensversicherungs-Gesellschaft AG (Pax) and Creadi AG. Together they form a strong team based on the values of sustainability, independence and 100% self-financing. Pax is a pension insurance company for private and occupational pension provision, while Creadi AG concentrates on the development of digital business models for the insurance industry.

"inacta's many years of experience and structured approach have played a key role in enabling us to integrate this complex project optimally into our IT landscape.”

Tobias Dalcher, Project Manager at Pax