The CV summit: Shaping the future of blockchain

28. November 2018

Blockchain, a word often wrongly associated with cryptocurrency, bubble or even ponzi scheme, underlines a genius technology that has the power to shift many aspects in our daily life.

Today, I won’t talk about decentralization or distributed ledgers. Hence, for those of you who are eager to learn more about it, I would suggest to click on these insightful links: Infographic: How the Blockchain is Powering Our Future, The EDGE: BlockchainIntroduction à la Blockchain et aux Cryptomonnaies.

Novembre 7th 2018 will see the third edition of the Crypto Valley Summit coming to light in Zug, Switzerland. Small town located 32 km away from Zurich, Zug has developed to be the infamous “Crypto Valley” due to its relaxed tax policies and comprehensive legal framework regarding blockchain adoption and cryptocurrencies. Therefore, welcoming more than a 1’000 people several times a year, the CV summit is a hub for entrepreneurs, established companies and engineers trying to shape the future of blockchain. Organised jointly by Inacata AG and LakeSide Partners AG, the event has seen a breathtaking growth rate of attendees and received great support from national authorities. The previous edition, which took place last April, was officially opened by none other than Johann Schneider-Ammann, now head of the federal department of economic affairs, education and research.

I had the chance to converse with Jennifer Arman, Marketing and Events Manager of the CV Summit, who told me more about the event.

How did it all start ?

The two aforementioned companies, creators of the CV summit, developed an idea: Why not bring the start-ups together, see what they are doing and get more knowledge out of it. It first started with the blockchain competition judging the best application of blockchain within the insurance industry and then the summit came around. Everything was organised within 2 months. We are the early movers in the area. The first edition was so successful in 2017 that we planned the second edition in April 2018

What is the goal of the summit ?

We want to build a platform where creative minds with high quality projects can meet each others and share their respective ideas. The goal is to sustain a powerful synergy with also the help of the outstanding keynote speakers.

Now being the third edition, what major changes have you observed so far in each edition ?

We definitely see a rise in quality for the different presented projects. Indeed, the use cases are more advanced along with the protocols and technology. We can observe the same effect with the competition. Moreover, established corporates are getting more interested and thus senior representatives are also attending the event. They don’t want to be left behind this technology transition opportunity.

Where do you see the technology heading in the future ?

I believe we will see a disruption in every industry. So far, blockchain has been mainly developped in finance related use cases. With the years to come, the focus will definitely spread to different sectors and topics.


If you are interested to be part of the future, the CV summit draws two free entrance to the event every week or maybe you can enter as a competitor for the next edition? Indeed, previous winners include two bright students from EPFL!

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