Evaluation and introduction of the output management system


Our client, a B2B-focused life insurance company, also considered introducing a central OMS along with a new core system. In advance, a suitable OMS needed to be evaluated and the corresponding implementation project initialized. The aim was to introduce a central OMS, to consolidate and migrate existing document templates.

Inacta services

Inacta supported the customer through all project phases, from standard software evaluation to setting up and planning the corresponding implementation project to the implementation and monitoring of the “Go Live” process. This included the provision of the appropriate methodology and software support for the specification of the document templates to be implemented (Inacta specification framework). For an optimal integration of the OMS into the customer's system landscape, Inacta introduced the flanking software architecture and development.

The implementation of the document templates was efficient and of high quality. Along with a standardized development process of close involvement of specialists, early pre-tests were conducted and passed successfully.

Inacta provided additional resources for the preparation and implementation of the rollout and was subsequently significantly involved in stabilizing the operation and support of the users.

Inacta helped clients develop architectural guidelines for the new, centralized OMS and operational processes. Project management, architecture and integration support and template development were also provided by Inacta.

Benefits for the customer

The introduction of the OMS platform as well as the migration of the templates was implemented in a timely manner. In addition to the primary project objectives, the customer's employees were trained as part of the project and essential artifacts (guidelines for template development and specification, building block authenticity, etc.) were created for the client. Today, the customer has access to a modern and flexible output management system for communication.