Development of archiving policy for a specialist insurer

Starting postion

Our customer, a specialized insurer in the B2B business, had a number of different process descriptions and instructions governing the handling and archiving of documents. This fragmentation meant that questions were tasked multiple times and sometimes in a non-standard format, while others remained open.

In order to provide employees with a central source for the business processes and also to create a basis for the upcoming GeBüV audit, it was decided to develop an archiving guideline.

Inacta services:

Inacta defined the procedure for the development of the archiving guideline on the basis of the Inacta ECM Compliance Navigator and integrated the necessary stakeholders in advance of the project.

The next step was to review existing regulations and interviews with selected stakeholders across all levels of the organization. The findings were summarized by Inacta in a result document using a reference document developed by Inacta to accelerate project progress.

Inacta then conducted the consultation process for the client and finalized the document.

Benefits for the customer

The archiving policy which was produced could already be used in day-to-day business, following its approval by the client's board of directors. By involving the key stakeholders already in the drafting of the guideline, this was generally accepted.

The guideline served as the basis for the following GeBüV audit and has proven its worth over time. Due to the high quality of the archiving directive no subsequent adjustments were necessary.