Introduction of an e-mail management solution


The number of incoming emails containing business-relevant context is steadily increasing. Recognizing and correctly depositing them in the relevant business case is still a major challenge for companies. This is what happened to one of our customers, a major insurance company: although the employees were already working with electronic case dossiers and also using e-mail archiving, case-related e-mails could only be stored to the corresponding case dossier with some level of difficulty.

The aim of this customer was to use a solution to efficiently deliver the relevant e-mails to the right case dossier. For the e-mail and its attachments, the format needed to be consistent and the quality in the filing consistently good.

Inacta services

Since the customer already had an electronic dossier solution and an upstream electronic mailbox solution in use, there was no way to send an e-mail directly from Outlook to the mailbox solution. With inadox mail from Inacta, this problem could be solved. Depending on the purpose, e-mails can be forwarded to a downstream system with inadox mail, with or without the processing of technical data.

Together with the customer, we have implemented inadox mail so that employees could forward business-relevant e-mails directly from Outlook to the electronic mailbox with two mouse clicks. Any missing information relevant to the electronic case dossier would then be added to the electronic mailbox.

Benefits for the customer

Simply dropping case-related emails helped ensure that the electronic case files were fully managed by employees. Thanks to the additional storage of the original msg file, familiar e-mail functions such as replies and forwarding could continue to be used even for emails that had already been stored.

We fully covered all customer requirements with a pragmatic approach. The solution is optimally integrated into the existing application landscape and can be operated by employees after minimal training effort.