Digitization in the healthcare sector - The Adullam Hospital gains a clear added value with digitization.

The Adullam Spital in Basel is digitizing its processes step by step with the goal of only having electronic patient records by the end of 2018. In a first phase, the electronic transmission and presentation of the laboratory findings was completed. As a digitization partner of the Adullam Hospital, Inacta ensures that the laboratory findings are not only available electronically as documents, but that the values ​​of the laboratory findings are clearly visualized. Now the doctors of the Adullam hospital can call up this data directly from the HIS and get an overview quickly and easily - about the development of the laboratory values ​​of the respective patient and about standard deviations.


The law and implementing provisions for the electronic patient dossier came into force on 15 April 2017. From this deadline, hospitals have three years to digitize their patient records and connect to the electronic patient dossier. The Adullam Hospital had already decided before the deadline to keep the patient records electronically. As a central archive and a hub for medical data, the hospital has been using the "health engine" of the software manufacturer "the i-engineers" for several years.

"Our vision was clear, but we lacked the right partner to make it a reality in the long term."

Michael Suckow, Application Manager KIS


The aim of the Adullam Hospital was not only to transfer the existing processes into the digital world, but also to create real added value for physicians and nurses through digitization. As a first step, laboratories should no longer transmit their findings by physical mail or fax, but electronically - both documents and detailed data.

Inacta services

On the recommendation of another clinic, Adullam Hospital commissioned Inacta to support them on their way to the electronic patient dossier. Inacta created the corresponding concepts and led the implementation project "Visualization of the laboratory findings.”

"The new solution ensures a quick overview of a patient's laboratory values, which greatly supports our daily work."

Dr. med. Stefan Iseli, Chief Physician

Benefit for the Adullam Hospital

With the solution for the visualization of the laboratory findings, the doctors at the Adullam Hospital not only have the laboratory findings available as PDF, but also a tabular presentation of the individual values. In the tabular presentation, the development of values ​​and any outliers or deviations from the norm can be detected more quickly. Furthermore, this form of presentation supports physicians in the success assessment of therapies and medications. Since the ad is called directly from the hospital information system, the acceptance of the new solution was given to the doctors and the learning phase was minimal.

Thanks to the visualization of the laboratory findings, the Adullam Spital together with Inacta has created a significant added value for the daily work of doctors and nurses. In addition, with the electronic delivery of the laboratory findings, another step was taken with regard to the complete electronic patient record and the connection to the electronic patient record.

About the Adullam Hospital

 The Adullam Spital is part of the Adullam Foundation Basel and is a special clinic for geriatric medicine. Elderly patients benefit from comprehensive medical treatment including radiology, physiotherapy and occupational therapy, nutritional counseling, psychological assessment and social service. In addition, the hospital offers an integrated treatment chain, from acute medicine to rehabilitation to long-term care in the affiliated care centers.

"With Inacta, we have taken a big step forward in a short time."

Michael Suckow, Application Manager KIS

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