Digital mailbox for a major Swiss bank


Our customer, a major Swiss bank, received a large proportion of incoming mail via the classic post. Many steps regarding scanning, data validation and further processing were carried out completely manually with the result that data was only partially extracted. Furthermore, the physical document was still used in many business processes.

The goal of our customer was to advance the digitization of business processes as part of our corporate strategy. To support this goal, a specialized service provider - the SPS - was commissioned with the process of digitization, data extraction and verification. In the future, a large proportion of incoming mail will be received completely electronically and processed automatically.

The inadox Dispatcher solution supported the target process as a link between the service provider and the customer's business processes.

Inacta services

After an in-depth analysis, the customer-specific processes and requirements were documented. From this, a comprehensive metadata and interface specification with complex validation rules was created.

In a second phase, the need for adaptation in the inadox Dispatcher product was identified. A so-called reprint function was implemented as an extension of the solution. Thereby customer documents could be generated directly from the mailbox.

Thanks to the flexible architecture, the solution could be seamlessly integrated into the customer's existing single sign-on authentication solution. The solution is operated as a high-availability web application in the Post Cloud.

Benefits for the customer

Documents that could not be completely processed by the service provider during digitization are sent to the corresponding mailbox on a rule-based basis. Complex validation and research functions allow these documents to be processed efficiently. The user interface is designed depending on the role of the user and thus additionally increases efficiency.

With the help of powerful Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) functions, SPS and the customer are able to create meaningful reports. This gives the customer a holistic view of the processing status and user activity.

The integrated Reprint function allows the customer to efficiently create and monitor requests from the mailbox.