Email control for Visana

Handling e-mails the same way as other correspondence: creating them in the same high quality, applying the same signing rules and archiving them just as systematically - these were the requirements of Visana. This required a solution that was both easy to use and seamlessly integrated into the existing system environment.

Email control for Visana

  • The business-relevant e-mail correspondence needed to be archived to the partner number. This should take into account the growing need of the insured for rapid e-mail communication
  • We wanted a lean, pragmatic and user-friendly solution that could be implemented with minimal training.
  • With inadox mail, the employee decides which e-mail is to be archived and can access the original or the created PDF/A via the core system. E-mails can be archived directly with the introduced solution, transferred to a mailbox application or to a follow-up process, for example in the context of a core system



The increasing demand of its insured persons for communication by e-mail led to the decision at Visana in mid-2014 to redefine the use of e-mails in day-to-day business.

Until then, employees were generally prohibited from responding to e-mails from insured persons on this channel, and the process of individually archiving incoming e-mails was not very user-friendly.

Organizational measures had to be taken to ensure that emails are sent only under clearly defined circumstances and under no circumstances in particular protective personal data to be sent.

By using a suitable technical solution, the users needed to be able to archive both incoming and outgoing emails simply and in the same way as correspondence to the respective insured person. Finally, the current signing rules had to be able to easily handle outgoing emails.

E-Mail Management Framework

After evaluating the answers of several potential providers, a clear decision was reached to use Inacta and their email management framework.

For the implementation of the project order, Inacta employees supported various tasks, from the detailed technical specification to the technical implementation and integration into the system landscape of Visana, to the creation of interactive training materials.

After thorough testing in different organizational units, in whose technical evaluation Inacta supported the solution, the solution was gradually put into production almost half a year after commissioning.

inadox MAIL

With the product inadox mail, an add-in for Microsoft Outlook, users are able to individually determine whether or how they should be further processed for both inbound and outbound emails.

Depending on configurable rules, the user is automatically offered certain e-mails for a specific processing or he/she determines this on an individual level.

With the Outlook add-in, as used in Visana, e-mail can be immediately archived, transferred to a mailbox application for further processing or to a follow-up process, for example in the context of a core system.

In addition, e-mails can be automatically tapped from an e-mail mailbox, typically group mailboxes such as or, and forwarded to follow-up processing.

Visana - well-rounded care

The Visana Group is one of the largest health and accident insurers in Switzerland. It offers compulsory basic insurance (OKP) under the German Health Insurance Act (KVG), supplementary insurance and property insurance under the Insurance Contract Act (VVG) and accident insurance under the German Accident Insurance Act (UVG).