Realising projects in hospitals

15. March 2021


 Digitilisation is advancing in the healthcare sector and in hospitals in particular. To a certain extent, it is essential for optimal patient admission and discharge processes, improved overview and information security during treatment, as well as for electronic patient dossiers (EPDs). Digitisation has a huge impact on these and other sensitive processes, which is why it is essential to involve medical and administrative specialists in digitisation projects.

Time is scarce

This involvement is not easy because these specialists usually must do project work as well as their usual hospital work. Corona has made their situation even worse – the workload of many hospital employees is already very high without project work.  It is therefore important to keep the time they spend on projects to an absolute minimum.

Efficiency thanks to best practice approaches

Inacta knows how to make the best use of their clients’ valuable time. Instead of reinventing the wheel for each client depending on the content of a project we offer best practice methods that are suitable for hospitals and which only need to be verified by the project team. In many cases we can draw on our experience from previous projects to formulate the best methodology to use – for example in relation to report processing, connecting laboratory results with the relevant system, electronic medical histories, electronic patient dossiers, and also employee files.

Inacta’s customers greatly appreciate this approach because it avoids them having to schedule hour-long workshops during their usual working hours and hospital employees can continue to concentrate mainly on their core duties. At the same time, practical solutions and optimal digitisation can be implemented, which are vital for the hospital’s future.

If you are also putting digitisation projects on hold due to a lack of personnel, we will be happy to use our years of experience in the healthcare sector and partner with you to provide digital transformation support.

Contact person:


Jürg Porro

Head Business Consulting & Healthcare