First Swiss Crypto Stamp

24. November 2021


18. NOVEMBER 2021, ZUG. – Stamps have been collected for decades. Neatly filed in albums, they are the epitome of cultivated collecting. Together with Swiss Post, Inacta is now building a bridge between the physical and digital worlds. The Swiss Crypto Stamp means collecting, exchanging and trading stamps will go digital on 25 November 2021.

The Swiss Crypto Stamp consists of two parts. On the one hand, it is a physical stamp worth CHF 8.90 – self-adhesive, for franking postal items just like any other stamp. On the other hand, each crypto stamp has an associated digital image. This digital image shows the image of the physical stamp but is extended by one of 13 possible additional visuals (cf. the two images above: on the left the physical stamp, which always looks the same, and on the right one of the digital images with the Matterhorn as one of the 13 variable digital-only visuals). The digital images are stored as so-called NFTs (non-fungible tokens) on a blockchain. They show monumental Swiss mountains, partly combined with animal landmarks shining as constellations. The crypto stamp and its digital images were designed by Gregor Forster from Zurich: "Themes such as Swissness, pioneering spirit, new dimensions and technological progress resonate here. This is what I wanted to express with the images, which I worked on for almost two months.”

Physical world – Stamp (symbol image) with special block (right side) for the digital token.

Digital world – One of 13 possible digital images (non-fungible tokens) of the crypto stamp.



Which of the 13 images is hidden behind which purchased stamp is not yet known at the time of purchase. The buyer must first unseal his or her physical stamp. The QR code on his/her physical stamp refers to the corresponding digital image. The special thing about it is that there are digital images that appear frequently and such that are much rarer and therefore more sought-after. The most frequent digital image appears 65,000 times and the rarest image only 50 times. This makes collecting, exchanging and trading stamps digitally exciting.

The Swiss Crypto Stamp is being launched on 25 November 2021, 6 a.m., in an issue of 175,000. Switzerland’s first crypto stamp will be available from this date at selected Swiss Post branches. It can be ordered at all Swiss Post branches and online at


The digital image of the Swiss Crypto Stamp, the NFT, is deposited on the Polygon Blockchain . Inacta has provided all the necessary technical solutions for this bridge into the digital world. These include the creation of the 175,000 tokens, the set-up of the smart contract, the tradability of the digital stamp on a trading platform and the transfer of the digital token from the delivered paper wallet to another wallet. Christian Di Giorgio, Principal Consultant at Inacta and specialised in blockchain technologies for many years, closely accompanied the project with regard to the technical solutions: "The Crypto Stamps open up a great opportunity to demonstrate the digital transformation and the potential of the blockchain technology very clearly on an everyday object and make it tangible for everyone. We hope to demonstrate the great potential of this technology to a broad public and to extend collectors' joy to the digital world."

Christian di Giorgio, Principal Consultant at Inacta AG


Gregor Forster (*1990) is a trained visual artist with specialization in scientific illustration. He combines storytelling with scientific content and accuracy. He loves to entertain, educate and amaze children as much as adults with his illustrations. Gregor resides and works in Zurich, Switzerland..