Innovation Acceleration


Starting from the business strategy, it is crucial to select the most suitable technologies for the implementation. Technology scouting and evaluations based on a defined set of criteria and knowledge of all technological alternatives are essential.


  • Business requirements have been clarified. On which technological basis should they be implemented?
  • Select the technology that will sustainably meet the requirements.
  • Through our start-up competitions and investments we have a large network of innovative solution providers and specialists.






Rapid Prototyping

Prototypes are a very useful way for quickly evaluating innovative ideas on the market or trying to sell them in your own company as well as to other market participants. A technological experiment (also called a run-through) provides a compelling statement on feasibility.

  • Sponsors and partners must be convinced of the innovative idea.
  • Implement the idea quickly to test its feasibility and acceptance.
  • Our Design Thinking and User Experience experts define the right approach with you.


"Outside the box" thinking in familiar surroundings is difficult - but essential for long-term success. We offer your teams so-called “excubation” - Temporary, project-oriented jobs in an innovative environment and networking with tech startups to develop new ideas and turn them into reality.

  • Starting point: Your normal setup
  • Develop new ideas / establish "out of the box" thinking - indispensable for long-term success
  • Temporary jobs tailored to the project duration in an innovative environment with networking with tech startups included

Contact Person


Daniel Rutishauser

Head DLT & Financial Services