Information Management

Archive & Dossier


If you do not yet have an electronic archive in place - you will get everything from one source: strategy consulting, solution evaluation, implementation.

The necessary confidence and a solid basis for your investment decision is assured by a specifically adapted analysis phase. Of course, this phase takes into account your customer needs, the available resources and possibilities as well as your strategic sourcing guidelines. On the basis of

  • proven experience from projects,
  • the knowledge of existing suppliers and systems on the market and
  • a proven approach

an efficient evaluation procedure is applied.

Following the evaluation phase, you can rely on competent assistance in the implementation of the compliant archiving solution and its roll-out in your organization - this means less stumbling blocks for you and faster user satisfaction as well as more cost-effective fulfillment of regulatory


Functionalities for document processing and information management that you no longer want to do without. Many years of experience in dealing with information and documents form the basis for successfully tackling projects with you, either in a leading role or as experts assisting you in and trimming your processes to efficiency. Your requirements and needs form the basis for all optimizations. These are checked against best practices. In the end, you will be able to use business-relevant information efficiently in dossiers - even across different archives and storage systems.


Contact Person


Fabian Seimer

Head Information Management