Blockchain Services

Crypto Assets

Blockchain + Finance = Crypto Assets

inacta's Crypto Assets unit guides banks and financial institutions on their journey to understand the challenges ahead and implement the technologies that will shape the future of the financial industry, from infrastructure to service offerings built on it. Our team consists of senior software engineers and consultants who all have worked professionally with Bitcoin and Blockchain technology for four years or more.




  • Independent consultancy and evaluation
  • Market overviews
  • Access to the crypto ecosystem

Software Development & Research


  • Development of Crypto Assets software
  • Integration of Crypto Assets software
  • Technology research, reviews and audits

Liquid Network


  • Connecting financial institutions with the Liquid interexchange settlement network
  • Integration in banking and exchange software
  • Integration in storage systems


Generation - Crypto Asset Token Issuance Platform


  • Issuance of financial instruments as Crypto Asset Tokens
  • Privacy and security using confidential assets technology and storage integration
  • Connection to the Liquid interexchange settlement network

Distribution - Tokengate & GENTWO Digital


  • Distribution of Crypto Asset Tokens through Tokengate
  • Securitization of Crypto Asset Tokens through GENTWO Digital



Storage - Crypto Asset Storage Solutions


  • Storage of Crypto Assets
  • Independent review and evaluation of crypto storage solutions
  • Integration into financial software