Blockchain Services

Blockchain Services

Blockchain Academy

Interested in Open Basic and Advanced Courses for Distributed Ledger Technology or In-house Quick Start Knowledge with Customized Blockchain Workshop? Or in implementing complete projects internally?

Based on the role-specific needs, we offer you standard blockchain training and individuaized and personalized content. They learn theory and practice from top speakers and experts with implementation experience.

The education offered by the inacta Blockchain Academy provides unique expertise in blockchain, process innovation, crypto currencies and ICOs.

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Contact Person:


Daniel Rutishauser

Managing Consultant

Your advantages:

  • Open, modular classroom courses from basic to expert knowledge
  • Tailored in-house workshops
  • Concrete implementations and experiments in our labs
  • Experienced experts as Academy lecturers

Our services:

  • Standard Courses (see also page Training). Melden Sie sich hier an.
  • Individual workshops and labs for your organization. Contact us for more details.