The internet of value – a business game-changer

Radical process improvements through the "Internet of Value"

As leading experts in the blockchain world, we accompany you in all aspects of the distributed ledger technology project implementation process - and help you carry out a project plan with future-oriented benefits thanks to the Internet of Value. As a recognized Blockchain 'Facilitator' ecosystem, we have access to an enormous network to make your solutions a success. A map with all the companies in the Blockchain area can be found on our CV Maps.

Crypto Assets
  • Independent consultancy & evaluation, market overviews and access to the crypto ecosystem
  • Development & integration of Crypto Assets software and technology research, reviews and audits
  • Connecting financial institutions with the Liquid interexchange settlement network and integration in banking and exchange software, as well as in storage systems
Blockchain Academy
  • Entry level courses for software engineers, SW architects, business analysts and project managers, as well as technical specialization labs for software engineers
  • Individual courses for companies: From the introduction to blockchain to the adaptation of best practices to master planning
  • Idea Creation Workshops
STO & ICO Services
  • One-stop-shop from idea to white paper, from the technical concept to the MVP, as well as support in the regulatory environment and marketing landscape.
  • Smart Contract Auditing
  • FINMA compliant ICO platform tokengate.io with integrated KYC and AML checks as well as banking bridge for FIAT investments.
Process Improvements and Market Disruption
  • Development of a "Blockchain Heatmap" and master plan derived from the project definition, as well as platform concepts and business cases.
  • Conception & realization of POC, MVP and Roadmap as well as realization and auditing of Smart Contracts
  • "Delphi" oracle platform including active monitoring, micro payment and service dispatcher for reliable blockchain agnostic oracles
Blockchain Ecosystem Services
  • Innovate at Crypto Valley Labs: Co-Working, Excubation, Incubation & Acceleration and with CV VC access to venture capital.
  • Crypto Valley Directory: register and search to find the right services and components for your own project.
  • Blockchain Competition and Blockchain Summit Crypto Valley: Make your own project known to others, get the latest trends and insights from the community or scout for suitable startups.
Crypto Currencies
  • Selection of suitable crypto payment methods or payment solutions.
  • Integration of crypto payment methods in back office and POS systems.
  • Own Universal Payment Solution - inapay