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Inacta Ventures

Own Ventures

Building new products in the key-areas of Inacta and externalize the business into dedicated ventures

Crypto Oasis Ventures ›

Crypto Oasis Ventures, Sentio and Metaverse Collection operate in the Middle East blockchain ecosystem, the Crypto Oasis, and are accelerating its growth by providing and combining capital, talent and infrastructure.


Tokengate ›

Tokengate has been simplifying complex blockchain and tokenization processes since 2018. With its own digital platforms, Tokengate offers easy and secure access to buying and selling security tokens and collectibles as well as digital art based on non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

proofX AG ›

ProofX focuses on building their secure, sustainable, digitized, adaptive and resilient supply chain using blockchain technology for life sciences, luxury, fashion, industrial and consumer goods.

inapay AG ›

With inapay we enable merchants to accept cryptocurrencies at the POS, in the webshop or via invoices and to get the local currency credited to the bank account at the same time.


Snowcash ›

Snowcash is an ongoing series of exhibitions in multiple metaverses and in real exhibition spaces exploring the history of digital art and cyberpunk culture. The first show showcased artworks of the pioneer of computer art, Herbert W. Franke, alongside artworks by other contemporaries in futuristic pavilions.

elementum ›

elementum is a curated NFT marketplace that allows you to create your own NFT collection in three clicks. This marketplace allows art creators and collectors to buy, trade, and exhibit art online with all the benefits that NFTs bring. Enrich your life with pioneer digital art!

Joint Ventures

Combining forces with strong industry partners to open up new future-oriented markets for Inacta

Gentwo Digital AG ›

A joint venture with GenTwo: GenTwo Digital focuses on securitizing crypto - making digital assets investable and manageable for asset managers, banks and more.

AlpinumLaw ›

AlpinumLaw is a trusted partner for legal, compliance and regulatory solutions in the entire entire blockchain space, supporting startups, private and institutional investors, and established technology companies in all technology-related legal matters.

Strategic Investments

Supporting the services and products strategy of Inacta to generate new business

Digital Assets

Harvesting digital assets out of strategic projects and initiatives which correlate with Inacta