Clients and Industries

Here you will find a selection of our customers - often leaders in their industry. Contact us - we will gladly provide you with the details and references that are suitable for your situation.


Well over half of Switzerland's largest insurance companies use our expertise - equipped with the right IT resources, they serve their customers better today and are prepared for the challenges of a constantly changing world.


Trust is the key factor for banks and financial service providers - which is why we are particularly proud that these clients trust us to align their information management with the challenging modern banking environment.


The scope for error is virtually non-existent in the healthcare sector. Our commitment to leading hospitals, clinics and service providers simplifies your processes and makes your work more reliable - and better patient lives.

Real Estate

Whether real estate development or management information is available. Among other things, we accompany one of the largest Swiss real estate groups in order to optimize processes and implement innovations. We use Blockchain technology and build up concrete business use cases.