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Managing emails flexibly, user-friendly and securely

mailQ E-Mail Management

mail Q E-Mail Management is the intelligent extension for Microsoft Outlook®. Business-relevant and process-related emails can be distributed and archived by the users – easily and fast.

  • meets all requirements of flexible email management thanks to a comprehensive set of features
  • allows simple processing and archiving of business-relevant email and attachments
  • creates an interface between Microsoft Outlook® and business processes
Mailq email management

360° Customer Communications
Customers expect to be able to communicate with businesses at any time via a channel of their choice. Email as a medium is becoming evermore important.

mailQ E-Mail Management efficiently integrates this communication channel into your business processes and specialised systems.

  • Archival of incoming and outgoing emails in electronic dossiers
  • Timely forwarding to process-owning systems
  • Full integration of 360° view of customer communications
  • Improved information availability and customer care

100% Compliance
Businesses must store transaction-relevant information systematically while ensuring that this sensitive data is available for a long time.

mailQ E-Mail Management contributes to meeting compliance requirements.

  • Systematic classification and linking of emails to the relevant transaction context
  • Selective archival of business communications without media disruption
  • Ensuring long-term availability of important information
  • Transparency of the archival process

mailQ E-Mail Management flexibly integrates Microsoft Outlook® into the existing IT-landscape.

  • Data queries and dynamic validation of user inputs within the Add-In via web services of core systems and databases
  • Email management server for PDF/A conversion of emails including attachments
  • Server-side processing of group mailboxes (IMAP, EWS)
  • Standard export interfaces for inbox, workflow and archival systems

Product information - mailQ E-Mail Management (PDF)


Distribution of information made simple and efficient

mailQ Digital Mailroom

mailQ Digital Mailroom is the efficient solution when it comes to making digital documents available to various recipients within the company quickly and with ease.

  • integrates digital incoming mail into the existing IT-landscape
  • assigns documents to process-owning systems – timely and regardless of location
  • leaves an audit trail of the document life cycle from receipt to archival
Mailq postkorb

360° Document Hub
Businesses are confronted with a plethora of incoming documents every day. Thereby, scanned letters, emails and other electronic documents must be distributed to the process-owning systems.

mailQ Digital Mailroom ensures efficient assignment of all incoming documents.

  • Receipt and processing of business communications
  • Rule-based or manual recipient determination
  • Automatic validation of manually added document properties
  • Decomposition, sorting and merging of documents

100% Transparency & Traceability
Modern business communications utilise a multitude of different channels. The central processing of all inbound channels poses quite a challenge.

mailQ Digital Mailroom consistently logs the processing activities of all incoming documents and information, thereby creating a complete and traceable overview of all process steps.

  • Completeness and consistency throughout all inbound channels
  • Systematic logging of all processing steps
  • Traceable handoff of documents to specialised and archive systems
  • Flexible and comprehensive reporting

The various inbound channels and processing of physical and digital documents today are primarily managed within different systems, sometimes even manually often insufficiently integrated.

Utilising flexible interfaces, mailQ Digital Mailroom can be easily integrated into existing system landscapes.

  • Synchronous and asynchronous processing of inbound channels
  • Web service and file interfaces for import and export
  • Modern responsive design (multi-device support)
  • Platform-independent JEE architecture

Product information - mailQ Digital Mailroom (PDF)


Managing documents and information in a concise manner


iDossier provides efficient methods of linking documents to various types of information, presents them in a concise fashion, thus supporting case management.

  • arranges documents and business objects into concise virtual dossiers
  • consolidates information from various enterprise applications and archive systems
  • complements existing enterprise applications with additional document and dossier editing features

360° Business Process Overview
The processing of business transactions requires information and documents from various enterprise applications and archives. Gaining a comprehensive overview requires a complex consolidation of this data from various sources.

iDossier links documents and information to business transactions within a single application and presents them in a concise manner.

  • Structured view of business transaction dossiers
  • User-friendly and customisable search options
  • Display of additional dossier information from enterprise applications
  • Integrated document viewer

100% Compliance
Companies must store documents and information systematically while always ensuring comprehensive oversight of all business transactions.

iDossier contributes to compliance requirements.

  • Auditable dossier management due to the logging of every access and modification
  • Systematic structuring of documents and information in a transactional context
  • Ensuring easy access to important information
  • Access control with integrated role-based administration

Flexible Architecture
Instant availability of information is a cornerstone to the efficiency of business. The logical consolidation of data and documents of various origins requires flexible architecture.

iDossier allows the linking of documents and additional information from various origins based on actual needs.

  • Utilisation of existing interfaces for document and metadata access
  • Querying of additional information on business transactions (legacy data) via web services from enterprise applications.
  • Flexible configuration of dossier structures
  • Integration of existing authorisation infrastructures (SSO)

Product information - iDossier (PDF)