Fuehrende expertise key benefit

Leading expertise

The use and management of data and information are of increasing importance to our clients and are crucial to their commercial success.

As information management specialists, we have therefore placed our focus on helping clients to realize the potential provided through this complex success factor – with competent employees with years of experience, expertise and deep knowledge of the sector, as well as our tried and tested approaches. We are proven experts in our field. This is demonstrated, not least, by our comprehensive method and product certifications.

We help our clients to achieve optimal solutions, provide them with security of results that can be planned with certainty and – best of all – help them to avoid bad surprises.

Alles aus einer hand key benefit

Your one-stop shop

Understanding our client's departments' requirements and precisely meeting their needs is one of the key challenges in each individual client's information management project.

For this reason, inacta takes two elements which are usually completely separate, management consulting and IT implementation, and brings them together under a single roof. We take a holistic approach that is centered around the client's needs and combines all of the steps in the process. Our integration expertise allows us to act as an intermediary that facilitates the interactions between the relevant department and the IT department.

We ensure that the project achieves the intended goals. The result: our clients get exactly what they need – and their investment pays off.

Hohe flexibilitaet key benefit

High flexibility

Information management today is full of complex challenges and is often subject to fast, substantial changes.

We respond to these challenges with a flexible, solution-oriented approach. In order to ensure that each project is dealt with as efficiently as possible, our teams are always carefully put together. We collaborate with other specialists in various constellations pursuant to the "leadership through competence" principle.

The right team for the right job at the right time – this is the secret to providing our clients with optimal efficiency, even when dealing with complex challenges.

Kundennaehe dienstleistungsmentalitaet key benefit

Customer-oriented service provider mentality

To implement significant change, you need a partner who assumes responsibility for the project and acts decisively and with conviction.

At inacta, we see the relationship with our client as a close partnership. We can be contacted at any time and are always ready to take action, working with our clients on location as a team. We understand our clients well and can anticipate what they will need next – often without the need for words.

Our customers appreciate the resulting trust and confidence that they have in us. This is just one of many reasons why our clients continue to regularly come back to us for assistance.

Vertraulichkeit swissness key benefit

Swissness you can trust

We recognize the valuable and sensitive nature of our clients' information and data.

It is on the basis of this recognition that we assist our clients to keep their information absolutely confidential. In so doing, we rely on comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge of compliance, legal and regulatory requirements and employ targeted, cutting-edge security technology and solutions. At inacta, we are careful to only select trustworthy employees. Incidentally, all of our employees reside and work in Switzerland.

If there is one thing that our clients can rely on, it is that their information will remain their information.

Zielorientiertes handeln key benefit

Future & goal-oriented approach

Our clients' information management projects are of key importance to their operations and are often extremely urgent.

They need someone who can achieve results, even under time pressure. When clients call us for help, we are able to provide them with future-oriented support for all of their needs. We are dedicated to our clients' projects, assuming responsibility, taking the initiative, anticipating future needs and not shying away from critical points. We always look for the most efficient way to achieve our clients' goals.

Our clients can see our dedication and engagement on a day-to-day basis and feel us supporting them in achieving their ends.